• Dr. Jamila Holcomb

    Dr. Jamila Holcomb Ph.D., LMFT

    Teaching Faculty, Florida State University: Family and Child Sciences Department


What Is Racial Trauma? Understanding How Trauma Affects the Black Community

About This Webinar

Racism, whether subtle or direct, has long-term impacts on the mental and behavioral health of Black communities. While COVID-19 and racial injustice protests may have brought on new trauma, years of systematic racism, discrimination, and microaggressions have forced Black communities to live in a constant state of high alert, causing traumatic stress.

Hear Dr. Jamila Holcomb, Ph.D., LMFT discuss how racial trauma affects the Black community and ways both clinicians and organizations can better connect with Black clients.

Watch this webinar to learn

  • How racial trauma affects the mental, emotional, and physical health of the Black community
  • The impacts racial discrimination can have on Black youth and emerging adults
  • Strategies to help clinicians and organizations better connect with their Black clients
  • How organizations can help all staff members understand their own implicit bias

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