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State of Staff Development and Training

A national perspective on performance improvement

About the 2017 Reports

Earlier this year, Relias conducted a research study on how staff development and training programs impact business priorities and performance. We collected responses from nearly 6,000 professionals in the industries we serve. This report provides you with an opportunity to benchmark your current practices, investments and beliefs against a national sample. It also serves to spark discussion on how to improve staff development and training to fulfill your organization's mission in a sustainable way.


This report provides a synopsis of findings for 5,056 healthcare professionals, broken out by sectors across the continuum of care, with 15% of respondents holding executive or senior management positions and 50% holding other key training stakeholder positions.

Public Safety

This report provides a synopsis of findings for 834 respondents in the public safety industry, with 42% of respondents holding agency leadership or senior positions and 31% of respondents holding other key training stakeholder positions.

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