Wound Care Education as a Risk Mitigation Tool

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About This Webinar

When it comes to wound care, you often think about its impact on your patients and staff. The ones you care for are afflicted with preventable pressure injuries, and your over-burdened team has additional work packed into their hectic schedule. However, the litigation risks and penalties from CMS are often overlooked and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements and non-reimbursable expenses.

When it comes to wound care, the best treatment is prevention. Giving your staff the necessary tools to identify, treat, and prevent injuries will save you from these unwanted legal and regulatory complications. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Bill Richlen, PT, WCC, DWC, Clinical Instructor, and Relias investigate mitigating these risks and how wound care education will give your organization the knowledge it needs to deliver exceptional care.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the actual cost of a pressure injury across the entire organization, including how these lead to increased legal risks and non-reimbursable expenses
  • Investigate the prevalence of wounds in today’s healthcare settings
  • See how giving your entire team education in wound care can help you identify potential issues earlier and more effectively
  • Learn how you can get more information on the ROI of wound care for your organization


Bill Richlen PT, WCC, DWC

Clinical Instructor, Wound Care Gurus

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