Impact Culture: The Importance of DEIB in Staff Culture: Strategies for Positive Impact


About This Webinar

Most healthcare organizations are still grappling with the long-term effects the last few years have had on staff retention. As demand for services continues to increase, healthcare leaders need to find meaningful ways to engage staff and improve workplace belonging.

Promoting DEIB for healthcare professionals should be at the forefront of an organization’s retention strategy. DEIB strategies can be woven into everyday operations to improve culture and the workplace experience for staff.

In this on-demand session, Rola Aamar, PhD, discusses commonly asked questions about strategies, tactics, and successes in implementing DEIB at the organizational level in healthcare.

Learning objectives:  

  • Understand the importance of DEIB initiatives in healthcare for bolstering staff retention and culture.
  • Learn practical strategies and tactics for embedding DEIB principles into daily operations.
  • Hear lessons from successful DEIB implementations.


Rola Aamar, PhD


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