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Sustainable Futures: Why Behavioral Health Needs Technology Innovation

Behavioral Health

About This Webinar

With the ever-evolving landscape of behavioral health service delivery, technology has played a significant role in how successful organizations care for their patients and improve their practices. As many organizations plan for the new year, building a strategy that includes stronger technology integration is crucial. In this on-demand webinar we examine how technology has been useful in supporting sustainability for behavioral health organizations, and how it allows for innovation in service delivery, staff management and support, and patient care. We also offer practical strategies for how technology can be leveraged in your organization to propel you towards success.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Articulate the technology strategies used by behavioral health organizations to support sustainability
  • Compare how technology adoption allows for innovation across service delivery, staff management and support, and patient care
  • Identify one strategy to implement in to promote the success of your organization


Rola Aamar, PhD

Partner, Behavioral Health Solutions, Relias

Vicki Ittel Ph.D.

Director, Solutions, Relias