• Nancy Nowell

    Nancy Nowell MPA, MEd, CSE

    Founder, Social Signals LLC


Teaching Friendship and Romantic Relationship Skills to Teens on the Spectrum

Social Skills Training for Autism

With this webinar, you can learn about teaching healthy relationship skills to middle and high school students who want romantic relationships and want to hang out with their friends (just like their peers).

This webinar provides information, supports and materials to educators who have students who want a boyfriend or girlfriend, struggle with peer relationships, could come in contact with the criminal justice system or become victims of sexual abuse.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • 4 teaching tools that will increase students with ASD ability to make good friends and/or have safer romantic relationships.
  • 4 common issues that interfere with adolescents on the spectrums’ ability to develop safe and healthy relationships.

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