Enhancing Learning Outcomes Among Federal Healthcare Workers

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Enhancing Learning Outcomes Among Federal Healthcare Workers:

A Guide to Adult Learning Theories and Training Design

About This eBook

Too often, healthcare organizations treat training as something to check off a to-do list rather than a crucial initiative. Yet, engaging federal employees in effective healthcare training is vital for skill enhancement and better patient outcomes. As a leader in learning and development, you aim to enhance staff members’ skills to improve patient care. This entails providing both compliance and top-notch skills training.  

This guide, complete with a checklist to help you evaluate where your organization stands currently, and where it can improve, will assist you in leveraging adult learning theory to develop a staff learning plan that is effective and engaging for federal healthcare employees. It covers: 

  • Why and how adults learn 
  • How to understand and apply adult learning styles 
  • Creating an environment conducive to learning 

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