Moral Injury in Nurses

What is Moral Injury?

Moral injury has been described as a “deep soul wound” that occurs when a person feels they must take actions, or witness actions, that violate their deeply held moral beliefs. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed extreme pressure on the nursing workforce and, in many settings, has meant that nurses are confronted daily with morally challenging dilemmas.


The Impact of COVID-19

The coronavirus places immense pressure on nurses as they attempt to uphold their oaths and provide care to patients in dire need without the usual support or resources. Healthcare workers daily must now choose between their professional oaths and risking their own health and that of their families.

Moral Injury Resources

Nurse burnout and moral injury can have severe repercussions on nurses themselves, the patients whom they serve, and even entire hospitals. Explore ways to prevent moral injury on your team.


Moral Injury Articles

The Purpose of Meaningful Recognition

While new pandemic-related challenges require complex solutions, incorporating meaningful recognition into an organization’s culture can make an immediate impact on improving a hospital’s or health system’s culture and is perhaps needed now more than ever before.