Improving Outcomes in Ostomates: Is Soft Convexity the Key to a Successful Transition?


About This Webinar

The transition of ostomy patients from acute care to post-acute or home-based care can be a fragmented experience, leading to the increased risk of peristomal complications and adverse care outcomes for the patient. Its critical care organizations provide staff and patients with the proper knowledge, resources, and tools to effectively support their wellness journey.

Access this on-demand webinar where Sue Grafton and Wil Walker delve into the unique challenges of newly created ostomies while navigating different ostomy care settings. They also equip you with the tools and strategies to enhance the care and support provided to your ostomy patients.

Learning objectives:  

  • Understand the challenges and risks associated with navigating care settings.
  • Explore the impact of fragmented care on peristomal skin complications.
  • Discover practical tools and strategies to support ostomy patients in their transition.


Sue Grafton, RN, BSN, CWON

Clinical Support Manager , McKesson Medical-Surgical

Wil Walker, MBA, BSN, RN, WOC

Clinical Resource Manager , Hollister

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