The Stages of Change Worksheet

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About this e-book

Change is hard for everyone, but living with mental health conditions only makes it harder. If your organization works with individuals living with substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, or other conditions that make creating change in their life difficult, we’ve put together this Stages of Change worksheet to help.   

In this worksheet, you’ll find recommended strategies for guiding clients through each state outlined in the Stages of Change. We’ve also provided blank spaces so you can take notes on how your client is doing, their responses to your conversations, and more. 

Learn how to help clients navigate through various stages of behavior change: 

  • Precontemplation. Clients may have little desire to change. 
  • Contemplation. Clients consider change. 
  • Preparation. Clients commit to change and plan. 
  • Action. Clients implement their plan. 
  • Maintenance. Clients sustain new behaviors. 
  • Relapse. Clients may revert to old behaviors. 


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