An Improved Standard of Care: The Effects of Social and Behavioral Factors on Maternal Mortality and Morbidity

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Maternal Mortality
Mental Health

About This Webinar

With the U.S. maternal mortality rate being more than 2x the rate of 10 other high-income countries, it is clear the maternal mortality crisis is growing in complexity. With a heavy focus on clinical protocols and reduction in practice variation—taking a holistic view of the mother’s healthcare experience, clinical and behavioral, is a critical and often overlooked component of the mother’s outcome.

It is time to broaden the standard of care that addresses clinical and medical pregnancy issues and behavioral health concerns like peripartum depression and suicide ideation. Awareness and assessment of social and behavioral factors throughout the ante-, peri-, and postpartum periods can effectively provide life-saving care for all mothers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Uncover findings on maternal mental health, social determinants, and racial disparities
  • Understand screening for and identification of mental health conditions
  • Discover maternal mental health screening initiatives
  • Actions to consider when adopting new practices or extending capabilities


Rola Aamar, PhD


Lora Sparkman, MHA, RN, BSN

VP, Partner, Clinical Solutions, Patient Safety and Quality, Relias

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