• Stuart Gill

    Stuart Gill

    Director, Product Management, Relias

  • Mike Mutka

    Mike Mutka

    Chief Product Officer, Relias

  • Shawn Barber

    Shawn Barber

    VP, Product Management, Relias


Healthcare Workforce Activation – The Relias Product Vision and Strategy

About This Webinar

Hear Relias Chief Strategy and Chief Product Officers discuss the immediate and future direction of Relias products.

Relias is a one-stop shop for your healthcare organization in maintaining a competent and compliant healthcare workforce. Here’s a glimpse into what the future looks like at Relias.

  • Recruiting and Staffing – Recruit qualified healthcare talent quickly and easily
  • Clinical Performance – Improve competency and quality for better patient outcomes
  • Regulatory and Compliance – Reduce risk and achieve compliance efficiently
  • Learning and Development – Deliver expert learning that drives employee satisfaction and retention

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