Nurse Retention and Recruitment Strategies: Building a Strong and Engaged Nursing Workforce

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Nurse Retention
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Throughout this toolkit you will gain resources, actionable steps, and solutions that cover:

  • Strategies to improve nurse retention and reduce turnover
  • Effective onboarding methods for developing employees and increasing engagement
  • Actionable steps to becoming an employer of choice
  • Industry insights related to the nurses’ viewpoints on roles and satisfaction
  • Recruitment and retention solutions to save resources, time, and money

About This Toolkit

High turnover and associated costs contribute to a growing problem within healthcare organizations, creating inefficiencies and straining already limited resources. With 33% of healthcare workers leaving their employers within three months, 900,000 nurses to retire by 2025, and 55% report COVID burnout[1], combatting turnover with effective retention and onboarding methods is a top priority for hospitals and healthcare systems.

Given these macro-level trends, there is a need for reliable resources, actionable insights, and strategic solutions that include models for supporting their nursing staff, improving nurse engagement and satisfaction, and speeding competent nurses to independent practice.


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