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Nurse Turnover: Do Generational Differences Impact Turnover?

About This White Paper

RN turnover rates continue to rise upwards of 17% (NSI, 2016), costing US hospitals over $17 billion annually. With the average cost of replacing a single RN estimated at $50K, Relias set out to understand what drivers cause a nurse to leave. Do the reported generational differences among nurses, particularly millennial nurses (born 1980 and later), create different resignation risk drivers than the rest of the nursing workforce?

Relias surveyed 1,270 nurses to answer this question and found that generation had no impact on 17 out of 20 meaningful turnover risk factors identified.


  • What nurses need from  employers, regardless of generation.
  • How millennial nurses differ from their non-millennial colleagues.
  • What health system leaders can do to foster job satisfaction.

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