Palliative Care as a Priority for All Clinicians

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About This Webinar

As the population ages and the incidence of chronic disease continue to increase, the need for considerate, high-quality palliative care is growing across all care settings.  Proper palliative care can improve the quality of life for patients as well as their families, yet education around this has only recently emerged as a key focus for clinicians.

In this webinar, Betty Ferrell (Director of Nursing Research & Education and Professor of City of Hope, and Principal Investigator of ELNEC) describes the role of all clinicians in providing palliative care and the training needed to do so.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about the current demands for palliative care as a component of quality patient care in serious illnesses.
  • Identify opportunities for all clinicians to deliver palliative care.


Betty Ferrell Ph.D., RN, MA, CHPN, FAAN, FPCN

Director of Nursing Research & Education and Professor | City of Hope, Principal Investigator | ELNEC

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