Onboarding Employees to Ensure Retention

Nurse Retention

About This Webinar

To no one’s surprise, the workforce shortage exacerbated by recent events is affecting every healthcare organization. However, the way you hire, train, and engage employees has a monumental impact on their engagement and retention. Developing the right workplace culture from day one is a continual process. Starting now will ensure your organization reduces the churn that is only predicted to get worse as experienced professionals retire and younger employees enter the workforce.

Join this on-demand session to hear Vince Baiera, BSN, Principal of Post-Acute Care at Relias, investigate the steps your organization can take to attract, nurture, and retain employees. Additionally, see what low-cost incentives you can offer to recognize and reward your employees, building the supportive atmosphere today’s employees desire.

Learning objectives:

  • See what traits younger candidates are looking for in their employers to attract more applicants
  • Learn the best practices when onboarding employees new to healthcare
  • Gain insight into inexpensive perks you can offer your staff to increase retention


Vince Baiera, BSN

Partner, Post-Acute Care, Relias

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