OASIS-E and Rehab Therapy: Implementation and Opportunities

Rehabilitation Therapy

About This Webinar

Changes in the Outcome Assessment Information Set released in January as OASIS-E represent the most significant changes since the OASIS was introduced more than 20 years ago.

OASIS-E includes new elements on patients’ race, ethnicity, hearing, vision, and health literacy and sections designed to assess cognitive patterns, mood, and pain interference. These changes represent significant updates and opportunities for rehab therapists in home health settings.

In this webinar designed for administrators and rehab therapy professionals in home health, Ellen Strunk, Principal Consultant and founder of Rehab Resources and Consulting, Inc., discusses the early days of OASIS-E implementation, what rehab therapy professionals need to know about OASIS-E, and how to work with your therapy staff to achieve competency.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover what home health agencies are experiencing through this change — challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions.
  • Understand why the OASIS-E changes are essential for rehab therapists in home health.


Barbara Merrill


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