Managing Upside/Downside Risk With Your Post-Acute Network

Skilled Nursing
Value-Based Payments

About This Webinar

A hospital’s post-acute network is one of its highest-cost segments. Within that network, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) account for approximately 50% of those costs. It makes sense that skilled nursing represents the greatest opportunity for Acute Care Organizations (ACOs) to reduce costs and increase shared savings. Yet, with the shift to value-based care, how can ACOs ensure SNFs are managing value-based care risk?

During this session, we discuss how to incorporate preferred SNF networks into your value-based care initiatives and highlight best practices for establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with your network to drive clinical performance and improve earned shared savings.

Learning objectives:

  • Establish value-based performance measures for your SNF network to incentivize performance
  • Learn how to share gains as a quality performance metric in your SNF network
  • Develop strategies to incentivize your SNF network to take highly complex patients


Phyllis Wojtusik , RN

Executive Vice President , Real Time Medical Systems

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