Key Strategies to Prioritizing Emotional Health & Well-Being of Your Nurses

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About This Webinar

Between the national nursing workforce shortage and the pandemic’s grueling challenges, those passionate to save lives continue to battle what seems like insurmountable odds. With nurses enduring such high-stress conditions, shift after shift, helping them improve their overall well-being, as well as the quality of care they provide, should be a top priority.

One recent survey1 conducted by Mental Health America found that 93% of healthcare workers were experiencing stress, 86% reported anxiety, and 75% reported feeling overwhelmed. It is critical that prioritizing the mental health of nurses no longer takes a backseat.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Review the current state of nursing workforce challenges and the impact on emotional health and well-being
  • Identify 5 meaningful strategies for nursing leaders to support your nursing workforce
  • Learn 3 actionable steps to take in promoting self-care and well-being for front-line nurses as well as nursing leaders

1. Mental Health America survey


Felicia Sadler, MJ, BSN, RN, CPHQ, LSSBB

Vice President, Quality, Relias

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