Intent vs. Implementation: No Surprises Act Unexpected Challenges


About This Webinar

This session reviews the history and current scenarios regarding the federal No Surprises Act (NSA) that passed in 2020 and took effect in 2022 to protect individuals enrolled in private health insurance plans, including employer plans, from surprise medical bills. Speakers discuss the various points of view from a payer, provider, and patient perspective. We also cover the unfortunate payer industry abuses that have been brought to Congress’s attention and current legislation enforcement efforts underway. Lastly, this session provides strategies for attendees to engage with and help effect positive change to the initial intent of the No Surprises Act.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the purpose and initial design of the No Surprises Act.
  • Be able to contact members of Congress with examples of abuse and effect positive change for patients and providers.
  • Hold payers accountable for massive delays in payment.


Eric Berger

Director, Americans For Fair Health Care (AFHC)

Ron DiGiaimo

Chairman & CEO, Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies (RCCS)

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