• Theresa Raines

    Theresa Raines

    Senior Sales Solutions Architect, Relias

  • Don Spiers

    Don Spiers

    Senior Product Manager, Relias

  • Micah Goodman

    Micah Goodman

    Project Manager, Relias

  • Christopher LaGant

    Christopher LaGant

    Product Manager, Relias


How the Relias Platform Can Help Your Home Health Agency Thrive

About This Webinar

The explosion of opportunity in home health has not come without its challenges—hiring and retention, compliance issues, specialized training needs, and more. With a focus on value-based care, you need to have a scalable solution in place to increase efficiencies and lower administrative burdens so your agency can spend time with the patients that depend on them for care.

This webinar session is designed for nurse leaders and administrators of home health organizations to help demonstrate how the Relias Platform can help your home health business thrive in this incredible growth market.

Our team of experts walk through some of the major challenges facing home health organizations and focus on real-world solutions to address these needs.

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn how the Relias Platform can help you hire, onboard, and retain the right talent
  • Understand how the right learning management system can simplify compliance and reduce audit angst while increasing the quality of patient care
  • Discover how increasing competency in wound care, dementia care, and other specializations can help you become a leader in the home health market
  • View a complete demo of the Relias Platform, including our mobile app that your team can use at the point of care

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