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Driving Return on Investment for Wound Care Education in Hospitals and Health Systems

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As healthcare providers struggle to manage the many factors affecting costs and care quality, pressure injuries are high on the list of opportunities to reign in expenses and improve the patient experience.

Download this research brief to learn more about:

  • How staff education and training on wound care management can reduce risks and promote greater financial stability.
  • What Relias learned about how its partners are responding to these challenges.
  • How the Relias comprehensive wound care curriculum successfully addressed specific customer challenges and delivered a compelling ROI.

Then click the link to our ROI calculator to determine your organization’s potential return on Relias Wound Care education.

Failing to properly address and manage pressure injuries (or wounds) increases cost per case, places additional strain on already limited staffing resources, and increases the risk of reduced reimbursements, financial penalties, and litigation.

Hobson & Company, a premiere research firm focused on return on investment (ROI) studies, partnered with Relias to explore these challenges and learn how our clients are responding. Hobson & Company conducted independent research consisting of in-depth interviews with Relias clients and discovered that Relias’ comprehensive wound care curriculum and learning management platform successfully addressed specific customer challenges and delivered a compelling ROI.

  • Download the research brief to see the methodology and detail on how Relias drives strong returns on wound care education.
  • Access our fully customizable ROI tool (which opens in a new browser window) that allows you to input your organization’s key data to determine your potential ROI from Relias Wound Care. The tool can also generate a custom report to share with senior leaders and get buy-in for better wound care education.

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