COVID-19: Lessons Learned Using a Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented (TIRO) Approach

Trauma-Informed Care

About This Webinar

Join us to discuss core concepts, engagement strategies and examples of innovative approaches to addressing workforce needs. Trauma-informed, Resilience-Oriented approaches will be an invaluable as we address the symptoms of a post-pandemic world. Specific techniques to understand and attune to increasing the engagement of the workforce, and decreasing compassion fatigue by making it a priority to listen to staff, especially frontline staff and recognize their needs outside of work. This session will explore practical interventions for implementing this approach while we manage our own trauma response to the turbulence that we are all experiencing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand core concepts around stress in the body
  • Outline the importance of manifesting safety and self-compassion in ourselves and others
  • Identify specific skills and techniques necessary to promote retention and resilience in the workforce


Amelia Roeschlein

Consultant, Trauma Informed Services, National Council for Behavioral Health

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