Compliance to Competence: A Roadmap to Success


About This Webinar

Last year, in our incredibly popular webinar series, The Year in Compliance, we forecasted the increased scrutiny and intense regulatory environment post-acute organizations now see and feel. Surveys are increasingly challenging, and oversight in healthcare is much more stringent than a few years ago.

With increased home health regulations, the latest push on skilled nursing minimum staffing levels, and more on the horizon, long-term survival means taking compliance to the next level. Building an organization of competence, where compliance is already engrained in your culture, is a necessity. Corinne Epton, Manager of Regulatory and Compliance at Relias, hosts this important on-demand webinar for all post-acute healthcare organizations.

Learning objectives:

  • Review the critical takeaways from last year’s Year of Compliance webinar series and reveal where we stand now.
  • Explore current compliance environments across post-acute care and their implications.
  • Provide guidance to build the roadmap to competence for long-term viability in a tumultuous time.


Corinne Epton, MA, MHA, CHC

Manager, Regulatory Compliance, Relias

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