• John Harrington

    John Harrington CMI

    VP, Solutions, Relias

  • Lora Sparkman

    Lora Sparkman MHA, BSN, RN

    VP, Partner, Clinical Solutions, Patient Safety & Quality, Relias


Challenges for Hospitals: Creating and Maintaining High Reliability

About This Webinar

The need to create a culture of high reliability within healthcare is not only long overdue, but it encompasses all elements to help organizations hone in on key drivers to effectively improve patient safety.

Variations in the competency, quality, and adoption of evidence-based medicine among your clinical teams are a core driver of your adverse events and claims. With nurses spending more one-on-one time with patients than any other healthcare worker, this makes the need for their ability to perform at the highest level essential to providing safe patient care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insight into key drivers associated with variation in care amongst clinical teams
  • The evolution of the patient/safety movement
  • Refresh initiatives in building a culture of high reliability within your organization to improve patient care
  • Learn how to successfully implement change initiatives for mitigating clinical risk
  • Understand the challenging landscape and where we are today

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