Becoming a Trauma-Informed Organization: Best Practices for 2024


About This Webinar

Trauma-informed care (TIC) practices are now a hallmark of successful healthcare organizations.

TIC should be an integral part of your 2024 strategy to improve the experiences of those you serve and foster an adaptive work environment.

Whether you’re looking for a refresher or diving into TIC for the first time, watch this on-demand webinar to hear Rola Aamar, PhD, Partner, Behavioral Health Solutions at Relias, discuss the most useful strategies for incorporating trauma-informed care best practices. We have designed this webinar to give you tools to implement and promote TIC realistically within your organization.

Learning Objectives:

• Identify the basic components of trauma and the key elements of the trauma-informed care framework.
• Compare and contrast the roles of individual providers and organizational leaders in addressing secondary trauma.
• Create a toolkit of resources to support healthcare worker’s emotional wellness and compassion satisfaction.
• Develop strategies for implementing TIC on a system and community-wide level within the healthcare organization.


Rola Aamar, PhD


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