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The Future of Healthcare Training is Here

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In this new, outcome-driven healthcare environment, Relias helps you stay ahead of the curve. Using innovative tools that incorporate game elements, micro-learning and simulations, our high-impact content is skillfully designed to be engaging, immediately applicable and effective so that performance — and outcomes — are improved.  Is your organization prepared for the changes?

Mobile Wellness Series

Mobile Learning Series

Mobile optimized, realistically designed courses that are ten minutes or less.

Gaming Elements

Gaming Elements

Improve staff engagement, knowledge retention and compliance.

Simulated Learning

Simulated Learning

The fast track to improved outcomes.

relias mobile app

Mobile App

On average, we spend 3 hours and 40 minutes on our mobile devices daily and 90% of that time is spent in apps. It's no wonder that mobile learning is revolutionizing employee training and development.

Imagine being able to harness some of the time your employees spend on mobile devices to achieve your key organizational goals. Now you can with the NEW Relias Mobile App. It allows your employees to access courses, information, and notifications anywhere, anytime on their mobile device.

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Pro on the Go

Pro on the Go is a new line of micro-learning modules that are useful to both new and experienced caregivers to provide on-demand information when and where it's needed. Each micro-learning session is less than five minutes and designed to teach a variety of procedural, behavioral and informational topics at the point of delivery to improve quality of care.

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pro on the go


BrainSparks are an exciting innovation based on memory research that applies neuroscience to e-learning to help combat the forgetting curve. After completing a course, learners receive a series of multiple-choice questions spaced over 34 days and designed to boost their long-term memory of key skills learned in the course.

BrainSparks create a "halo effect" in the brain that improves knowledge retention and job performance.

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Mobile Wellness Series

Relias understands the importance of keeping up with the times. Today, people are busier than ever. The convenience of interacting with mobile devices for immediate access to information is critical. With our new Mobile Learning Series, we created engaging courses that are mobile-optimized for convenient, on-the-go learning. We also introduced the concept of "micro-learning" - short courses that provide bursts of information to improve learner retention.

Our first foray into this is focused not on your clients, but on your staff; a strategy with high potential to propel your organization toward mobile-optimization and micro-learning. If done properly, it can greatly impact your staff, and the benefits will naturally extend to every client you serve.

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Mobile Wellness
gaming elements

Gaming Elements

Incorporating interactive learner engagement elements into your training moves your staff from completing training because they “have to” — to becoming active participants in their development. Gaming elements provide staff with focused goals and rewards that incentivize compliance with their training plan and demonstrate the knowledge they’ve acquired from the courses.

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Simulated Learning

Change and innovation usually develop over time. That is not the case in the current healthcare environment. Major shifts — in both the healthcare industry and its workforce — are rapidly converging. Being equipped with innovative, engaging and effective training that leads to proven outcomes is critical to prepare for and keep up with those changes. Relias is here to help you make a significant impact on your workforce, your clients and your organization.

Adult learning requires two qualities: interaction and engagement. Incorporating simulation into your training addresses both of these qualities while putting your organization on the quickest path to outcomes-based behavior for your staff and for your clients.

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simulated learning