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Interview with Woodlands Retirement Community

Woodlands is a LifeCare community for people 55 and over with three defining areas of living. First, it is a residential community that encourages wellness through an active independent lifestyle and the companionship of close friends. Second, it provides services, events and special amenities that enhance independent living. Third, it provides every resident access to on-site assisted living, memory support and nursing care should they ever need it.

Jeffrey Harkins and Daniel Cook shared their thoughts about Relias:


Q. Pre-online training challenges are common, can you share some of Woodlands’?

Daniel: The mandated trainings were done once a month: Infection Control, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc. There were three different sessions so people would have to come from different shifts, stay over, come early or at a different time to get their training. Of course if you had an outside presenter and not somebody in house doing it, then the presenter also had to come three times, it was a little bit rough. For their attendance, once they missed it, we had to find a way to make that up.


Q. What was the deciding factor to move your training online?

Daniel: The headache and hassle of someone missing live training was definitely a reason. Also, the number of trainings that Relias has was a huge bonus. This prevents us from having to find an outside class and pay for it. Relias has more than just mandatories so you can assign courses that your staff want to take, not just the annuals.

Jeffrey: One of our challenges with a high employment need is the recruitment and retention process. With Relias, we can better recruit CNAs, LPNs and RNs, as they can come here to Woodlands and obtain their CEUs at no cost. This is a value dollar-wise for us as an organization to recruit and retain great people. Even for myself and other licensed administrators, I can cut back on the seminars I have to attend. Seminars can be very boring and I can now maintain my license online.


Q. For Woodlands and your staff, was implementation and adoption easy?

Daniel: It was very easy to get our staff loaded in and set up. We simply had to include our staff list in a spreadsheet and send it back to you! We had a lot of employees in various departments that have never used a computer. Of course, there were some initial fears, but after the first month this was no longer an issue because the system is so easy to use.


Q. What do your staff like about Relias?

Daniel: I don’t think too many people enjoyed the old process of trying to schedule face-to-face inservice training, especially the difficulty making up a missed training. That has all changed with Relias. It was cumbersome to have everyone attend especially if a make-up session had to take place. As far as CEUs, it was something they had to go out and pay for on their own. Now they can take as many as they want in Relias without having to pay for them. Having the audio allows people to listen, rather than just read, since we have people who learn in different ways, it’s great to have this option as well.


Q. How has Relias enhanced your face-to-face time with your staff?

Jeffrey: Now that we have our monthly in-service training on Relias, we are able to have quarterly meetings with our staff that allow us to focus on State-of-the-Union-type topics. These meetings can now consist of how we are doing as a company, strategic planning, bigger picture issues, and recognizing staff performance. Relias allows us to make the most out of our face-to-face interactions.


Q. Has Relias made reporting on compliance easier?

Daniel: When we did live training and they missed it, it was difficult to report on. Now if someone misses a training due date the reports are a lot easier to access, otherwise you are going back and checking sign-in sheets. It is easy to find out who or who has not completed their courses. Pulling reports are a lot easier than showing someone sign-in sheets. We run many reports leading up to due dates and the day right after the due dates to show us who might be late.