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PruittHealth Leverages Relias To Ease Staffing Concerns and Develop Future Leaders

By leveraging the Relias Platform, PruittHealth improved staff education, automated assignments, and efficiently tracked compliance, leading to a more adaptable workforce and a home-grown leadership program with significantly reduced turnover rates. The investment in training and leadership development resulted in more competent and confident staff members, lower turnover among certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and increased career growth opportunities within the organization.

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Using Relias solutions, PruittHealth has:

+ Centralized staff education and training plans for 13,000 staff members across multiple services lines and locations

+ Cross-trained certified nursing assistants (CNAs), allowing them to work in any of PruittHealth’s care settings

+ Created a leadership program for CNAs with over 300 graduates and a turnover rate as low as 6%

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