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Success Story

Prioritizing Patient Centered Quality Care

Over the past 25 years, Opuscare has defined success as providing quality care that is personalized to a specific patient. In addition to clinical knowledge, the staff needed to learn and understand how cultural factors play a unique role in patient centered care. So, they partnered with Relias to provide consistent and expert training that not only enhanced clinical skills, but also soft skills.

The Relias Learning Management System also made it easy for Zelide to update and assign courses, so she could focus on her staff. “We have employees who were not computer savvy, but they are getting used to the system and are doing pretty good.”

Opuscare understands the impact proper training can have on patient care. With Relias, they were able to provide the specific training needed to achieve their ultimate goal: quality care.

It’s more about the quality of life than the length of life so we’re training our staff to have that cultural competence for our patients to make sure that we’re providing whatever the best care is for that particular patient.

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