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Save Money and Help Staff Provide Care Faster

Client interview with Brandy Arana, Instructional Designer.



Providence Human Services is now Pathways by Molina, one of the largest national providers of accessible, outcome-based behavioral and mental health services. More than 6,000 employees provide the highest-quality home- and community-based social services and non-emergency transportation services to nearly 17 million individuals in 23 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Pathways offers a full spectrum of social service and behavioral health solutions, including Youth & Family Services, Adult Services, and Prevention Services.



With ~15 new hires every month and over 6,000 employees across 23 states, new hire orientation and ongoing training is expensive to deliver, track and report on. Not to mention continuously improving training programs, developing new career paths and topics to keep up with the company’s expansion and overall changes in healthcare.



As Pathways continues to use the system in new and different ways, they have found incredible cost savings in the areas of new hire orientation, continuing education for licensed staff and improved management of internal training. For example, in new hire training alone, they reduced orientation length and calculated an annually savings of around $1.2 million. “That is only for one state and it doesn’t include the revenue generated from our new hires being able to enter the field and providing client/ consumer services 25 days earlier than before,” says Brandy Arana, Pathways’ Relias LMS administrator and Instructional Designer.

“You can’t beat the price we pay for content, LMS, and support. You just can’t. The content alone for most trainings are extremely expensive, especially if they offer CE’s. You just can’t beat the cost savings that we get from utilizing Relias Learnings vast content and CE libraries as well as their LMS and support.”

Soon after implementation, Pathways began creating their own online content using subject matter experts on staff; the training staff work with the SMEs to turn live training into online courses. Utilizing SME’s and the Relias LMS, Pathways has been able to offer a 20 hour accredited clinical supervisor teleclass live and provide continuing education certificates of completion. “This has saved our clinical supervisors personal training costs of over $600. They can now complete this requirement in the Relias LMS using Relias coursework and their live teleclass.”



  • In-house expertise is retained and shared with employees in other states and divisions of the company service lines.
  • Robust library of custom built online courses enhances and personalizes training plans, with only one instructional designer needed to support over 6,000 users.
  • Eliminated unnecessary and wasteful travel and related expenses for training, both orientation and ongoing.

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