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Manage State Specific and Payer Requirements

Client interview with Brandy Arana, Instructional Designer



Providence Human Services is now Pathways by Molina, one of the largest national providers of accessible, outcome-based behavioral and mental health services. More than 6,000 employees provide the highest-quality home- and community-based social services and nonemergency transportation services to nearly 17 million individuals in 23 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Pathways offers a full spectrum of social service and behavioral health solutions, including Youth & Family Services, Adult Services, and Prevention Services.



Pathways operates in multiple states all over the US and provides every type of behavioral health service there is; “if it’s behavioral health, we do it” says Brandy Arana, Instructional Designer. Each state and payer brings a unique set of requirements and regulations. Keeping up with multiple regulations and managing the reporting, both regularly scheduled and audit reporting, was a challenging task, especially for a geographically diverse organization with thousands of employees.



Due to the breadth of content topics and numbers of courses in the Relias library, all their staff are able to use the system for continuing education and to complete training needed to sit for certification exams, like peer support specialist and case management. They don’t just manage required training topics but all requirements like TB test tracking, license renewals and just about anything else the state requires of them to track on their employees. When there is a unique requirement not in the Relias standard library, they are able to easily build their own content, delivering and reporting on it in the same system with the same ease of use.

“It’s like comparing apples to steak…there is no other tool like Relias out there. There’s just not. The content and features that are provided in Relias exceeds every other LMS we’ve looked at. If you’re looking for an LMS plus content plus some incredible external training tracking, the Relias learning management system is what you want.”

Pathways practices in some large, complex states like CA, PA, FL, NC, ME, VA, and CO, with a variety of contracts, payers and requirements. “We make the system work for us versus us work for the system… we use it to track everything for the majority of our states” says Brandy, “When the state director says ‘we have a need, make it happen’, we make it happen and we couldn’t do it without Relias.”



  • Clinical staff can keep up with licensing regulations and continuing education.
  • Support staff with training to qualify for certification exams.
  • Pathways expands into new states and opens new programs and services faster and better.

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