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Client interview with Julie Emmer, Director of Workforce Development



Aspire Health Partners is a behavioral healthcare organization based in Central Florida. Aspire was formed in 2014, from the merger of three community mental health companies: Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare, Seminole Behavioral Healthcare, and the Center for Drug-Free Living. The Center for Drug-Free Living became a client of Relias Learning in 2012.

Aspire Health Partners provides over 90 programs across 5 counties in Florida, ranging from Inpatient Crisis to Outpatient Clinics. Their mission is to “provide the people of Central Florida with compassionate, comprehensive and cost effective behavioral health care services that lead to successful living and the ability to achieve and maintain healthy, responsible lifestyles.”



From the inception of Aspire Health Partners, management was built by promoting great clinicians into management. Clinicians turned managers did not always understand the science behind leadership that goes along with personality factors. Aspire Health Partners needed a way to get all managers on to the same page. “We wanted to have a way for all leaders to speak a common language,” says Julie Emmer, Director of Workforce Development at Aspire Health Partners.

“We wanted to have a way for all leaders to speak a common language.”



Aspire Health Partners wanted to get all leaders on the same page and began looking for a solution. They looked to Relias Learning which, in partnership with The National Council for Behavioral Health, had launched ‘Certificates of Excellence’ in 2015. The goal of the Certificates of Excellence Program is to support behavioral health treatment providers and to offer an interim guide for providers to advance their practices. “These continued education (CE) opportunities can help augment CEO’s efforts to train their staff to prepare for national implementation of the Excellence Act in years to come.”

Aspire Health Partners

Behavioral Health


programs across five counties

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