Community Hospice recognizes the direct impact their staff has on patient outcomes and patient and family satisfaction. “If your staff is happy that’s going to be reflected in the care that’s provided,” says Norm Mast, CEO of Community Hospice.

Community Hospice utilizes Relias Assessments to gain insight on potential candidates and streamline the hiring process. After identifying strengths and areas of improvement of existing staff with Relias Assessments, Community Hospice employs Relias Learning to address their knowledge gaps and help them be the best clinicians they can be.

Amy Sharke, an LPN who has taken Relias Assessments, shares that “it’s a great learning tool, and it helps you grow as a nurse…As an individual, you don’t always want to look at yourself and where you can improve, but there’s nothing better than learning and improving yourself.”

By making data-driven hiring decisions and prioritizing staff development, Community Hospice sets their staff up for success, so they can provide quality, compassionate care for those facing end of life.

"By using the assessments, we’ll make sure our staff is competent in what they do. The longer they are here the more competent they’ll become because we’ll be able to train them and teach them what they need to know to do a good job."