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Managing the Opioid Epidemic

Combining education and analytics to overcome rising opioid misuse and abuse and reign in healthcare costs

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Effective Solutions to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Spending

The epidemic of prescription opioid misuse and overdoses is widely known, with opioid overdose now driving the majority of emergency department visits. Addressing the problem requires a coordinated effort that combines targeted population health analytics and targeted opioid specific training.

For Providers

Healthcare Analytics and Focused Training for Providers

Leverage Population Health Analytics

Risk identification requires population health risk stratification and analytic methods. Implemented well, organizations are able to deliver the right care to the right patients in the most cost-effective manner.

The Relias Analytics Solution empowers healthcare providers with actionable insights from population health data in order to:

  • Identify persons at risk for opioid misuse or abuse
  • Promote evidence-based behavioral health care for individual cases
  • Enable continued measurement and evaluation of healthcare improvement efforts
  • Improve care coordination and care transitions across the healthcare continuum


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Ensure Your Staff Has the Skills They Need

Providers must be trained in best practices around screening, assessing and managing treatment for opioid misuse and addiction. In addition, providers must understand the need for integrated care treatment.

Relias offers opioid specific training on issues related to opioid abuse to all provider staff who address, prescribe or treat patients receiving opioids as well as addiction-focused content to help all staff understand the addiction process and co-occurring mental health conditions that impact treatment success.

All content is delivered through Relias’ easy-to-use interface accessible online anytime, anywhere.



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For Payers

Targeted Training for Payers and their Provider Network

Healthcare Analytics to Identify Variance, Risk and Misuse

We can help you gauge how your provider network is performing in the opioid crisis by applying more than 100 opioid quality indicators to identify provider performance gaps and how to address them. We can also help you identify providers that are performing below benchmarks.

Relias Analytics:

  • Identifies providers whose prescribing data falls outside of clinical standards and best practices
  • Identifies patients and their different levels of risk for the misuse and abuse of opioids
  • Applies predictive modeling based on claims data determining which practices have the biggest risk for misuse



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Education to Improve Provider Opioid Metrics

After identifying which providers are performing below benchmarks and whose prescribing data falls outside of clinical standards best practices, you can push out the accredited courses in the Preventing Opioid Misuse and Abuse metric-driven learning path to address competency gaps.  This training plan measures staff growth and provides scenario-based content to test learning, and enables care coordination opportunities for providers.

Relias Opioid Path:

  • Identifies low/high performing providers based on key metrics
  • Provides CME-accredited training to improve skills while satisfying federal or state mandates
  • Includes a provider follow-up assessment to demonstrate improvement


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