opioid epidemic

Managing the Opioid Epidemic

Combining education and analytics to overcome rising opioid abuse and costs

Respond to Increasing Opioid Healthcare Costs

The opioid epidemic is costing lives and driving healthcare spending.
The pressure is increasing to reign in and regulate opioid prescribing, as well as manage waste and fraud.

Improve Quality of Care

Improve Quality of Care

Best practices include staying current on research and employing multiple treatment modalities.
Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

Identify those most at risk for opioid abuse and refocus services cost-effectively.
Reduce Readmission and Death

Reduce Readmission and Death

Treat the opioid epidemic as a public health issue, not criminal issue, and focus on saving lives.

Tools and Resources to Help Manage the Opioid Epidemic

Education around opioid related issues, including abuse and fraud.

Webinar: Managing the Opioid Epidemic: 4 Secrets in Plain Sight

Opioid addiction is currently our country’s #1 health epidemic and is quickly becoming a meaningful cost driver, with an estimated annual $72.5 billion in medical and prescription costs for healthcare payers and providers. With the spotlight on this major issue, providers who address, prescribe, or treat patients receiving opioids must provide better care and prevent costly waste. Learn more as Dr. Sederer reviews the 4 secrets to obtaining better care.

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Whitepaper: Roadmap to Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

Battling opioid addiction requires more than effective treatment and community education and prevention. A coordinated and collaborative effort among researchers, medical practitioners, public policy makers, public safety, and allied healthcare professions is required to address this epidemic. Payers and providers will have to work together with other organizations and professionals to employ different strategies to reduce the criminalization of addiction, heavy cost burden to the entire healthcare system and reduce deaths by overdose. Read more about the staggering impact of this epidemic and what we can do to change the tide.

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Factsheet: How You Can Impact Opioid Abuse Through Analytics

It is essential to leverage population health analytics to identify those at risk for or already experiencing opioid abuse. Through targeted quality indicators that trigger those who are likely to abuse or are currently abusing opioids, providers can focus their services and interventions cost-effectively.

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opioid training fact sheet

Factsheet: Comprehensive Opioid Training for Payers and Providers

Even the best providers and prescribers can inadvertently exacerbate opioid misuse and dependence through inappropriate or misguided treatment recommendations.  Information and training on best practices, current trends and the latest research on the opioid epidemic is an important weapon in the fight to reduce opioid related deaths.

Payers fact sheet   Provider fact sheet

Course Preview: Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Battling a public health, public safety and healthcare spending issue like the opioid epidemic, requires professionals to use every tool in their toolbox.  All types of staff, from prescribers to peer supports, need education on and exposure to multiple treatment modalities and interventions. Current evidence based practices include the use of medication to treat addiction and support a successful recovery process.  Relias has engaging courses and a comprehensive array of trainings on addiction, treatment and recovery.

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