Safe Prescribing During the Opioid Epidemic

Post-Acute Care

About This Webinar

The problem of abuse and addiction to opioids has emerged as a major issue, leading to new Opioid Prescribing Guidelines from the CDC and actions by industry and legislators that affect prescribing. Despite exceptions for hospice and palliative patients, the combination of these new laws and publicity about the dangers of opioids is making it harder to prescribe opioids, access opioids, and convince patients that they are safe to use.

This webinar discusses how we review the causes of the epidemic and describe recent guidelines and laws affecting opioid prescribing. It concludes with a discussion about a balanced approach to opioid prescribing, ways to screen for abuse and diversion, and communication methods to address opiophobia while also promoting safe medication use with patients and family members.

  • Describe recent federal guidelines and state regulations related to opioid prescribing and the state of the current opioid epidemic
  • Discuss a balanced approach to opioid prescribing in hospice and palliative care
  • Address patient and family opioid-related concerns


Terri Maxwell PhD, APRN

Chief Clinical Officer, Turn-Key Health

Marisa Todd PharmD, BCPS

Director of Clinical Education, Enclara Pharmacia

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