Healthcare Management & Leadership Training

Identify and Develop Your Managers and Leaders

Prepare your next generation of managers and leaders to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Solutions for Healthcare Management & Leadership Training

Management and leadership are two of the most important drivers of staff satisfaction, engagement and retention. Far too often, however, staff are placed in managerial roles with little to no preparation or education. To help you avoid this, Relias offers a host of innovative learning tools and courses so your managers and leaders are confident and well-prepared to build high-performing teams.

Our Management & Leadership Training Can Help You:

Identify Managers & Leaders

Measure competencies for specific management and leadership roles, and identify staff members with corresponding character traits conducive to those roles.

Improve Development Plans

Provide management and leadership-specific development plans to continue guiding your staff as they transition into their next role within the organization.

Mitigate Managerial Risk

​​Use learning paths to safeguard your organization from risk and educate your managers and leaders on best practices when conducting interviews, performance reviews, tackling difficult conversations, and more.


Assessments to Identify Managers & Leaders

Relias Assessments helps you identify staff who exhibit leadership characteristics and offers guidance on how to develop these traits. Because the competencies measured are unique to leadership roles, assessments also help with succession planning.

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World-Class Skillsoft® Content

To help you develop your managers and leaders, we offer Skillsoft's widely recognized business and leadership courses. The courses cover key managerial and leadership competencies, including handling conflict, effective communication, and more.

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“There is a difference between managing and leading. Having the ability to provide my staff with engaging, relevant education for both has been invaluable, especially for succession planning.”

Develop Your Next Leaders

Learn how Ted Pattison built a team of future leaders from within by investing in professional development and tailored learning.

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