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Front-Line Through C-Level: Using Assessments for Employee Development

Post-Acute Care
Research Brief
Professional Development
front line through c level white paper

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  • How assessments can help organizations hire the right person for the right job
  • The benefits of assessments for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of onboarding
  • How assessments can be effectively used post-hire to improve employee development and identify your strongest employees
  • Why there is no better way to invest in your human capital than implementing assessments in every part of your employee lifecycle

About this research brief

Considering around 20% of employees will leave within the first 45 days of a job and nearly 70% of healthcare staff indicated plans to leave within 5 years, turnover is almost unavoidable.

Fortunately, there is a way to combat and minimize turnover for your organization, and it starts with engagement. A recent study showed that having engaged employees can lead to a large reduction in turnover – with some cases as high as 59%.

How can an organization improve staff engagement throughout the employee lifecycle?

Assessments are an extremely valuable tool for improving employee recruiting, retention, and satisfaction. Effectively utilizing assessments in the workforce will help improve every part of the employee lifecycle including interviewing, onboarding, and professional development. This will help lead to a decrease in employee turnover and company spending, as well as an increase in productivity and engagement.

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