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Top Down Is Dead. Lead From the Middle!

About This White Paper

With 55% of companies already experiencing talent shortages and with the current birthrate demographics continuing to add to that shortage, healthcare organizations are facing a serious lack of future leadership. In a recent report, 50% of organizations involved said their leaders aren’t skilled to effectively lead their organizations today, and a staggering 71% said their leaders aren’t ready to lead their organizations into the future.

Companies are now focused on filling their leadership pipelines by developing existing, high-performing staff.

Download this White paper to:

  • Learn practical solutions and advice on how to build your leadership pipeline by developing the talent you already have.
  • Recognize the impact talent shortages have on leadership and the future success of your business.
  • Discover bottom-line results in investing in managers as leaders.
  • Learn best practice “Dos and Dont’s” from the Center for Creative Leadership on the different approaches to leadership development.

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