The Unspoken Truth: The Mental Health Stigma in Healthcare

Nurse Retention
Mental Health

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The suicide rate for physicians is twice than that of active-duty military members. See what else your team may be missing and help protect the mental health of your healthcare workers. Despite the number of individuals affected by mental illness and mental health disorders, the stigma around mental health is only magnified in the healthcare industry. With the current stigma, healthcare workers may be less likely to seek treatment, and even have difficulty doing so once they decide to. Healthcare workers endure incredibly high-stress conditions, shift after shift, and the implications of COVID-19’s impact on mental health has begun to appear in current research. What else can you do to protect your team’s mental health? Our white paper provides more-detailed information regarding factors that contribute to an increase in healthcare stress levels, the effect the pandemic has on nurses and healthcare workers, and how to reduce the stigma through education, transparency, and advocacy.