• Melissa Lewis-Stoner

    Melissa Lewis-Stoner MSW, LCSW-C

    Vice President of Product Management for Health & Human Services, Relias

  • Justin Hess

    Justin Hess Ph.D.

    Senior Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, pymetrics


Why Should Your Staff Stay? Invest in Their Success to Ensure Your Own

About This Webinar

Behavioral health organizations are faced with workforce shortages and high turnover, making retention of current employees critical to maintaining quality service delivery. At the center of an effective retention strategy is a comprehensive plan to develop your employees. The challenge? It takes time and energy to put one together, two resources often in short supply.

Get a look at how behavioral health organizations can use assessments and learning in combination to help your employees feel competent and effective in their jobs.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • How assessments can be used to evaluate job-related competency and measure soft skills critical for success.
  • How assessment results can be used to identify opportunities for continued growth, and inform and develop individual training plans.
  • Examples of using assessments at behavioral health organizations.

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