Hiring in Healthcare: How to Find Your Unicorns

Post-Acute Care

About This Webinar

How is your organization overcoming staff shortages and turnover – does it feel like finding unicorns or chasing cats when it comes to hiring? With many ways to retain a strong workforce, no single point is likely to provide a greater ROI than selecting the right candidate for the right job and then ensuring they are equipped to be successful in that job. Yes, that’s right—the investment starts during the hiring process, long before the candidate even steps foot through your proverbial door!

Watch this webinar as we explore assessments as a pre-hire tool to help you choose and retain the best nurses and CNAs across the healthcare continuum. The presenters discuss considerations of using assessments, whether they’re right for your organization, and some legal and ethical considerations you must be aware of in their use.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Current demographics of healthcare workforce and the financial impact of turnover
  • Barriers to an effective hiring process with a specific focus on assessments as a solution for turnover and retention
  • Best practices for using assessments to inform pre-hire personnel decisions


Justin Hess Ph.D.

Senior Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, pymetrics

Leslie Jeffries MSN, BSN, RN

Director of Clinical Solutions, Relias

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