CCBHC What You Need to Know and How Relias Can Help

Health and Human Services
Population Health Management

About This Webinar

The expansion of Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) is exciting for the behavioral health field. To have flexibility in combining services to meet needs and create greater access to care is a sought-after dream for most of us, however, the CCBHC business model is different and can be challenging to navigate.

The next wave of CCBHC opportunity is focused on readiness for delivering value-based care under a case rate model. This webinar will cover what is required and how Relias can assist you with your preparation.

  • Key principles behind CCBHC
  • Grant requirements and objectives for recipients
  • Ways Relias can assist you with the preparation, implementation, and management of a CCBHC model of delivery
  • The basics for developing effective and engaging eLearning
  • Case Study Presentations: Hear real stories of using the Relias Total Solution

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Current demographics of healthcare workforce and the financial impact of turnover
  • Barriers to an effective hiring process with a specific focus on assessments as a solution for turnover and retention
  • Best practices for using assessments to inform pre-hire personnel decisions


Carol Clayton PhD

VP of Population Health Management, Relias

Rola Aamar, PhD

Partner, Behavioral Health Solutions, Relias

Kristi McClure LCSW

Strategic Marketing Manager BH/CYF and CH, Relias

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