Overcoming Hiring Conundrums: Hunting Unicorns or Chasing Cats
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Overcoming Hiring Conundrums: Hunting Unicorns or Chasing Cats

About This White Paper

By now, the headline “America is Experiencing a Healthcare Workforce Crisis” is unlikely to surprise anyone. The workforce crisis is a very real phenomenon backed by some worrying statistics, and the issues are projected to only worsen throughout the next decade. Compounding these issues, when an organization is trying to select and train the right personnel for the right job, it often feels like they’re hunting unicorns or chasing cats—an exercise in futility. A logical question from any healthcare professional looking at this picture is, “How do I mitigate or get control of this changing landscape within my organization?”

Assessments offer acute and post-acute care organizations a strategic option for addressing the workforce crisis’ impact on their organizations by helping them better select and develop their human capital. However, without a thorough comprehension of the purpose, capability and function of assessments, organizations open themselves up to unintended risk or allow this powerful tool to fall flat.


  • Evaluate the role of assessments in successfully building and retaining your staff
  • Discuss step-by-step best practices for using assessments
  • Recognize the difference between validated and non-validated assessments
  • Review the legal and ethical ramifications of assessments
  • Practice strategies for making data-informed hiring decisions and retaining your staff

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