Hiring and Developing Staff to Create a Better Workforce

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Finding the Right Person, Right Now

Staff turnover is a common challenge facing many community and rural health centers. With limited candidates to choose from, organizations sometimes hire based on availability—not suitability—for an open role, and then hope that their training is sufficient to get the new employee ready for a difficult job. Often, it’s not, and the new hires quickly become former employees.

The consequences of high turnover and a poorly prepared workforce are severe. Being short-staffed negatively impacts the remaining staff, and the quality of services declines. There must be a better way.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How objective assessments of personality and job knowledge can be incorporated into every facet of your employee selection and development efforts
  • How an assessment of workplace behavioral characteristics can give you insight into an applicant’s fit for a specific position and your organization
  • How job-related knowledge assessments can help you identify employees’ strengths and knowledge gaps to individualize onboarding and ongoing training programs
  • How Relias Assessments can help you improve turnover rates


Justin Hess Ph.D.

Senior Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, pymetrics

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