• Kevin Biese

    Kevin Biese MD, FACEP

    Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine (EM) and Internal Medicine, Vice-Chair of Academic Affairs, and Co-Director of the Division of Geriatrics Emergency Medicine, University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill School of Medicine

  • Teresita M. Hogan

    Teresita M. Hogan MD, FACEP

    Associate Professor of Medicine in the Section of Emergency Medicine and the Section of Geriatrics & Palliative Care, and Director of Geriatric Emergency Medicine, University of Chicago

  • Adam Perry

    Adam Perry MD

    Board Certified Emergency Physician with Commonwealth Health System in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Faculty with The Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative, The Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative (GECD)


COVID-19 in Older Adults: Best Practices for Providers and Caregivers

About This Webinar

The rapidly spreading COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has demonstrated a historic effect on older adult populations, both in the United States and around the world. Understanding current evidence and key trends, as it relates to older adult patients with known or suspected COVID-19 infection, is imperative to protect them.

Watch Dr. Kevin Biese, Co-Director for the Division of Geriatric Emergency Medicine at UNC School of Medicine and national thought leader for geriatric emergency medicine, as he presents lessons learned and evidence-based recommendations for the diagnosis, acute management, and community care for older adults with known or suspected COVID-19.