• Jennifer Moore RN-BC, CDP, WCC

    Director of Curriculum Design and Research, Relias

  • Natasha Fisher

    Director of Strategic Marketing, Relias

  • Melissa Lewis-Stoner MSW, LCSW-C

    Vice President of Product Management for Health & Human Services, Relias


Maximizing Your LMS During Staffing Emergencies

About This Webinar

Staffing emergencies are a challenging and stressful time for healthcare organizations. Leaders have to make tough decisions on the best way to use valuable human resources. Oftentimes, we fail to consider the benefits and efficiencies our non-human resources, such as an LMS, can provide.

From training plans to competency checks to virtual classrooms, use your LMS to ensure your staff have the needed skills, training, and education to continue to provide quality patient care while reducing their time away from patients.

Learning Management and Training