How to Assess Behavioral Characteristics to Hire the Best Nurses

Post-Acute Care
Nurse Hiring and Onboarding

About This Webinar

What makes a “good” nurse? Healthcare organizations must look at candidates as the sum of multiple parts, including job knowledge, interpersonal skills, as well as personality traits. The nursing profession is as much about kindness and caring for the whole person as it is about knowing clinical terminology and treatment. Many times, clinical job knowledge can be assessed with clinical exams, as well as resume experience.

However, how can hospitals and post-acute care organizations effectively assess behavioral and cultural fit within an organization, a unit, and the role itself?

This webinar demonstrates the use of three strategic leadership techniques that can be used to assess the behavioral characteristics of nurse applicants, whether you are hiring for a front-line nurse or nurse leader. The use of these strategies will help to provide a robust and holistic hiring environment, as well as contribute to nursing job satisfaction and future job performance.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to evaluate the behavioral characteristics of your organization
  • Administering behavioral assessments to nurse applicants
  • Implementing a behavioral interview model or tool during the hiring process
  • And much more!


Alisha Cornell DNP, MSN, RN


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