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On a Mission to Achieve Yours

Your mission motivates your employees. The DATIS system unites them. We know that when teams work together, they produce better outcomes. So, we designed a complete HR & Payroll platform that connects employees, aligns departments, and transforms organizations.

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Increase Visibility

See your organization like never before with a single workforce management platform to view, manage, and improve the entire employee lifecycle.

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Maximize Resources

Connect employees and align departments using Position Control to better allocate your resources, control, your costs, and maximize your budget.

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Make an Impact

Remove the frustration and distractions of pieced together systems so you can focus on meaningful work and feel more accomplished.

Unify Your Workforce

Image one workforce, rallying behind one mission, all from one system. Our completely unified software solution enables your entire agency to work together and achieve more with a unified solution for the entire employee lifecycle.

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Download these helpful resources on hiring and retention

Hiring in Healthcare: How to Find Your Unicorns

How is your organization overcoming staff shortages and turnover – does it feel like finding unicorns or chasing cats when it comes to hiring? With many ways to retain a strong workforce, no single point is likely to provide a greater ROI than selecting the right candidate for the right job and then ensuring they are equipped to be successful in that job.

Top Down Is Dead. Lead From the Middle!

With 55% of companies already experiencing talent shortages and with the current birthrate demographics continuing to add to that shortage, healthcare organizations are facing a serious lack of future leadership. In a recent report, 50% of organizations involved said their leaders aren’t skilled to effectively lead their organizations today, and a staggering 71% said their leaders aren’t ready to lead their organizations into the future.