South Shore Mental Health

Massachusetts Behavioral Health

Top Benefits

  • Consistency of training across multiple levels of staff
  • Solves the problem of providing training to staff at multiple locations across the state who work on all shifts.
  • Improved reporting and tracking requirements for all types of organizational and individual professional needs.

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Consistent Training Across the Organization

Founded in 1926, South Shore Mental Health is a leader in providing services for children, teens, and adults experiencing serious emotional problems, behavioral issues, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse. In addition to three outpatient clients, South Shore also offer services along the continuum of care including day treatment, intensive wrap-around services, and community and job skills for adults and adolescents focused on increasing each client’s independence. They also provide child and family services in the home, school, childcare center, group residence and other community settings.

“Relias is comprehensive in that we have staff that are paraprofessionals… psychologists, doctors, licensed social workers…it offers trainings throughout whatever role or educational level our staff come from.”